How Best To Make Money Online – As An Artist

They say a true piece of art is priceless, however just words and appreciation does not fill one’s stomach. Every artist would like to sell their art for a decent price. However in today’s society until you are famous and you have made your name in your field the chances of your works going unnoticed or unappreciated are very high.

So if you are an artist who is looking for ways to earn some money then you have come to the right place. For in this article we have provided you with certain tips which might actually help you make some money and at the same time assist you to move forward in your career.

1. Selling your art work online
You can exhibit your painting in an online gallery and sell them to people who are interested in them.

There are several online galleries where a new artist can exhibit his or her art work. Most of these websites do not take any money to exhibit the art work, however if the work gets to be purchased then the online gallery will deduct a certain sum of money as commission fees.

This is perhaps the easiest way for any young and upcoming artist to get his or her work recognized as well as make some extra money.

2. Sell your art work by auctioning it
You can make money online by auctioning your artwork on certain auction sites. In today’s world everything is being purchased and sold on internet. If you want to make some quick money then auctioning your work on the internet is the best way.

The most famous websites where you can control the auction and choose to whom you would like to sell your works are eBay, Amazon, etc.

3. Taking up online jobs
There are many people who are in need of services of an artist. For example some people would like an artist to design a logo for their website whereas others might need an artist to design T shirt designs or greeting cards design. If you want to make money online then winning such jobs online is the best way

As an artist you can find such jobs on websites like Elance or Freelancer. You can also post your resume or update your portfolio on these sites so that people who are interested in hiring you can contact you. The best part of any online job is that you get to decide when you work and for how much you are willing to work.

4. Winning royalties
As an artist you can earn money online by posting your work on websites and allowing people to use that work for certain amount of money, in other words allowing them to use your works by paying you royalty.

The Newcomer’s Pitfall of Making Money Online

There are an ever increasing number of people coming online around the world. According to Internet World Stats, Internet users has increased in North America to 272,066,000, in Europe 500,723,686 and with a Worlds Total as of December 31st 2011,a staggering 20112,267,233,742 and growing. That’s 32.7% of the world’s population.

So it’s understandable with the ever increasing unemployment and the cost of living rising that many are turning to the Internet to try and making money online to supplement their income.

The internet or the World Wide Web is awash with thousands of what seem quick and easy opportunities aimed at naive and vulnerable newcomers that want to start a home business.

These range from Forex trading to affiliate and MLM marketing with thousands of books and courses on how to sell on eBay and Amazon, not counting the unimaginable amount of how-to books on taking Public domain content to create and sell private-label right products.

In fact a new million-dollar market has grown and been developed for the wants and needs of people wanting to make money online instantly.

Any newcomer to the Internet marketing industry must be fully aware that it is fraught with pitfalls, rogues, and vagabonds, which an unsuspecting newcomer can and does get robbed of hundreds of hours of their time, and money they can ill afford to lose.

This article will look at why somewhere between 90% and 95% of internet businesses supposedly fail in the first few years. Were as in fact the vast majority of those fail in their very first year or less.

Many people who have the honest desire to make extra income or start a home based business online literally jump in with very little or no knowledge of internet business techniques or operational procedures. They don’t fully understand their chosen field, and they have no idea where to start. They are basically hopping blindfolded on a pogo stick through a mine field.

If you want to succeed in making money online whether it is extra income to support your already existing income or start a full time operational business it is very important you start with a solid foundation. You have to have the basic knowledge of internet business operations and a workable business model before you begin; other wise the odds on succeeding are extremely low.

Online Business Model

Many simple yet profitable internet business models you can choose from are being used on the web today.

You could be selling digital products like downloadable videos and eBooks or create your own products; you may find you will start, as many successful internet marketers have, by promoting products created by others as an affiliate or selling physical products like food items, shoes or toys, the list goes on.

It is in no doubt, the major reason any body fails to make money online is because of the compulsive urge to bounce around from business to business, looking for the “magic formula” that will make them the largest amount of money the fastest.

There is no “magic formula” no “silver bullet” no “hidden secret method”. The fastest way to earn money online is to start with a simple business model and learn the skills a step at a time.

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend starting with a basic business model by getting an affiliate account with one of the major internet retail outlets such as Amazon.

As the system is tried and tested with their unfathomable amount of products they sell, you can surely find the ones that suit you.

This is where you can learn and hone the skills you need to project you onto greater earnings.

For the savvier internet marketer I suggest you create digital products and use affiliate networks allowing affiliates to promote them. As these sorts of products have extremely high profit margins, and are inexpensive to create.

Choose a basic internet business model as a sound foundation and take it forward step by step.

The simplest online business model has the potential to be very lucrative, so to make money online all you have to do is decide which one you are going to use and stick with it!

Have You Recruited Any Leaders Into Your Home Based Business?

I do not know if you are one of the people that might be struggling a little bit to recruit leaders into your primary business. Chances are that you are struggling to just plain recruit anybody into your business.

This is not your fault. People get started in the home base business industry and get taught a variety of strategies and methods that some people believe to be old school methods. A number of these methods still work today but on the other hand a large number of these so called old school methods really are some what out dated.

Are you perhaps familiar with the methods of, doing cold calling, handing out DVD’s etc.

Well, a lot of the old methods are not very enjoyable.

There is a better way though. A way that is fun that will make building your business so much easier than to try to chase family and friends. The only way to do this is to become a person of value. A person that can provide guidance to people in building a profitable home base business.

This would require you to become an expert yourself. To do this, you would need to team up with a mentor or at the very least, do some research about how to build a profitable home base business.

The old saying will never die: “Knowledge is power.”

Increasing your knowledge in how to build a profitable home base business will result in more people coming to you to join you in your business. This is one of the secrets that many people do not know. They think that they will succeed by pitching their primary company to people everyday.

If you think about it, these people that you approach never even asked to enter upon the home base business industry, much less to join you in your primary company. The secret that I am revealing to you here is the core of attraction marketing. This core secret is to increase your personal value to people which will result in your success in building a profitable business.

Another way of really enhancing your business success is to use the internet as a tool to super charge your way of reaching multitudes of people all at once.

Using the Internet as a tool to leverage your time and to maximize your recruiting success is something that take a little time to put in place, especially if you are starting out as a complete newbie to online marketing.

Which bring me to the point.

The “new” way of building a profitable home base business in the twenty first century require a home base business owner to incorporate online and offline marketing strategies while using attraction marketing at the same time.

This is what the top producers in the industry implement with great success to recruit leaders into their business.

I am not going to beat around the bush here.

If you are a person that are serious about succeeding in having a secure residual income from being part of a industry that provide ordinary people the opportunity to grow wealth starting part time, then you need to take these few little tips with regard to attraction marketing and using the internet as a tool to enhance your success in your business very seriously.